At Pointman News Creation
we choose to work with
the best of the best.

We've carefully curated a tactical task force of innovative companies
and partners to meet the ongoing needs of all our clients including:



Integrated Digital Marketing - Red Dot Digital

Pointman News Creation partners with Red Dot Digital as a key part of our team to offer digital business and marketing, data insights, profile-building, and reputation management. They go well beyond the industry standard with insightful audit and strategy support.

Pointman and Red Dot are able to work together and offer fully integrated PR and Digital strategy for our varied clients.

Red Dot, collaborates with senior industry professionals in Canada, the US, France, the UK and other parts of Europe as well as Pakistan and Venezuela.



Branding/Websites/Graphic Design/Print Design - Varga Girl Design

Varga Girl Design harnesses the power of consistent creativity and 20 years industry experience to create fresh and relevant websites and graphic design. Whether your brand is due for a refresh or you're starting from scratch with a great idea and need a visual identity to back it up, Varga Girl Design is your one-stop-shop for the entire creative process, without the big agency price or lengthy timelines. We call that "Pretty Powerful".