Blunt break up cards free Canadians from bad business relationships

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Advisor Break Up Cards Reveal “It’s You … Not Me!”
Blunt break up cards free Canadians from bad business relationships

Toronto, ON – June 12, 2018 – For couples, breaking up is hard to do … but breaking up with your trusted financial advisor might be even harder. Investment Advisor Adam Hennick of Hennick Wealth Management speculates that many Canadian investors may, in fact, be stuck in a bad business relationship that they simply don’t know how to end.

In an effort to enable unhappy Canadian investors to bid adieu to below average advisors, Hennick has created a series of four stylishly designed cards to politely (but firmly) help them take charge of their financial futures. All cards feature a short poem on the inside of the card, card # 1 reads as follows:

Card one front:                             Fare Thee Well

Card one inside:                           Fare thee well friend,
                                                      It used to be great.
                                                      Investing with you,
                                                      I’d never hesitate.

                                                      At first it seemed good, through up and down markets,
                                                      but for quite a while now,
                                                      You’ve been off targets

                                                      I’m pulling out now and taking my money too.
                                                      It’s not about me,
                                                      It’s about you

All 4 copyright free cards are downloadable from the Hennick Wealth Management site as a print ready PDF (for professional printers), PDF with folding instructions for printing on a personal printer or are available as a professionally printed card with gold ink and a gold envelope for investors who fill out an online form on the Hennick Wealth Management site at

How you know when it’s time to see other (advisors)

·       your advisor only calls once a year

·       your advisor says you don’t need a financial plan

·       your advisor doesn’t explain your investments in terms you understand

·       your advisor pushes products that you don’t want

·       your advisor never makes adjustments to your portfolio

·       your advisor won’t give you a straight answer when you ask what your annual rate of return is

“We’re probably not going to win many friends in the advisor community with this,” added Hennick. “But I think it’s important to give dissatisfied Canadians the opportunity to find the right advisor, and a breakup card could enable them to leave their current advisor and avoid a painful conversation in the process.”


About Hennick Wealth Management (
Adam Hennick is an investment professional with over 25 years of experience and a highly successful track record helping people of modest and high net worth manage their financial futures.

In addition to advising his clients on how best to manage their wealth, Adam is an industry watcher, media pundit and consumer advocate who relays important information to consumers with his trademark friendly, easy-to-understand approach.

Many of Adam’s clients began with modest investment accounts and long-term horizons. Over time, they have experienced substantial growth in value through ongoing contribution and investment gain. Adam often owns the very same investments he recommends, and always views his association with his clients as a partnership.






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