Survey: Canadians SurprisinglyUnconcerned About Water


93.6% would spend tax dollars on other infrastructures

Montreal, QC – June 12, 2017 – Canada’s easy access to fresh water may be spoiling the population. According to a survey by FluksAqua, a free water and wastewater utility forum, Canadians were surprisingly unconcerned when asked about water and how vital it is to their everyday lives. With the hot summer months just around the corner, the lack of awareness about water and water utilities may come back to haunt Canadians.                                         .

Key Findings of the Survey (National):

Canadians do not see value in water:

  • An overwhelming 93.6% of all respondents think that our tax dollars should be spent on necessities other than water

  • When preparing for a natural disaster, 37.7% of Canadians would pick up food, communication, money, batteries or lighting sources over water

  • Only 15.7% of Canadians believe Water and Wastewater operators are undervalued

  • A mere 5.6% of Canadians believe Water and Wastewater operators are undervalued

Canadians think water is doing well enough:

While the majority of responses to the survey indicate a lack of concern for water, Canadians don’t see it as an undervalued industry.

  • 84.3% of respondents agreed that industries such as education (29.5%) and public transit (16.1%) are more undervalued than water and wastewater operation

Canadians are most concerned with handsome homes:

  • Respondents would rather scope out their new neighbours (19.1%) or the finishes (17.6) in a new home than check the water/water pressure (5.6%) in the potential home

Canadians don’t covet careers in water:

  • A very small 6.6% of Canadians dreamt of being a water operator when they grew up in comparison to 20.4% who wanted to be a teacher, 16.4% astronaut, 16.4% doctor and 12.6% police officer

“Most Canadians are accustomed to safe drinking water on demand so they tend to take clean water for granted and don’t always value the work water operators and water utilities do,” says Dr. Hubert Colas, President of FluksAqua Americas. “Our hard working water utility workers build the foundation for our communities to operate - it is one of our most important industries.”