Local Insurer MarksCanada 150 with $150,000for Heritage Causes


122-year-old company celebrates local legacy organizations with 6 major donations

Lindsay, ON– June 27, 2017 -The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group, a local home, farm and auto insurance company, is celebrating Canada 150 by supporting heritage causes in the Ontario communities that The Commonwell serves.

The $150,000 in donations will be divided among six Ontario heritage organizations. Each organization will receive a donation of $25,000.

The recipients include:

  1. Lang Pioneer Museum (Peterborough, ON) - Since 1967, Lang Pioneer Museum has preserved and authentically recreated the history of Peterborough County. Each and every day they strive to provide visitors with an accurate and interactive view of the life of a 19th-century settler in rural Ontario.

  2. Glengarry Pioneer Museum (Dunvegan, ON.) The Glengarry Pioneer Museum is a community museum which opened in 1962 and now consists of several nineteenth century log and timbre frame buildings, as well as artifacts from this period. Gaelic speaking Highland Scots settled in the area and built many of the buildings, including the Star Inn, a stagecoach stop in the 1860s. The museum interprets the early settlement history of Glengarry County and hosts several heritage events each year.

  3. Lanark County Archives (Perth, ON) – Each year many patrons from Canada and other countries visit the Archives to research their family roots and to learn more about where their ancestors lived. Local historians and genealogists, families, church groups and school children use the Archives.

  4. Kawartha Settlers Village (Bobcaygeon/Kawartha Lakes, ON) - What was once a thriving family farm, Kawartha Settlers’ Village is now home to a fascinating collection of over 20 historic homes and buildings. Visitors can experience what life was like for pioneers in the Kawartha’s as they stroll leisurely through the Village and discover artifacts from 1830 – 1935.

  5. Rural Ottawa Museums (Ottawa, ON) - This donation will be split between 3 museums including: Osgoode Museum, Watsons Mill, and Gouldbourne Museum.

  6. The Hastings County Historical Society (Belleville/Hastings, ON) The Hastings County Historical Society is a not-for-profit organization which was established in 1957 to promote interest in the history of Hastings County, Ontario. The Society is very proud of their recent work to create archives for Belleville and Hastings County.

“As a community-based business celebrating our own legacy of 122 years, we recognized Canada 150 as a perfect moment to step up and specifically help these organizations in their important work to remember, recount and reenact our shared history for future generations,” said Tim Shauf, President and CEO of The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group.