Realtor Offers ThousandsTo Save Condo Owners From Faulty Pipes


Boiron Announces Kitec Bail Out for Cash-Strapped Canadians


Toronto, ON, September 18, 2017 – Just as Toronto comes off another healthy summer of condo sales, many condo owners are coming to grips with an unforeseen and costly crisis looming behind the walls. With plumbing recalls in an estimated quarter of condos built between 1995 and 2007, it is not a question of if Kitec plumbing will fail, but when.

Thousands of Condos, Millions in Repair Bills

The faulty and once popular plumbing has been known to cause leaks or even burst. This could lead to floods and damage in multiple units and it is up to the owners to foot the bill for repairs. With staggering repair price tags of $5,000-$10,000 per unit, many are scrambling to find the money for the repairs or fear that they might not be able to keep insurance policies and resale values in place.

“This is a crisis that no one saw coming,” said Toronto Real Estate Broker, Author, and University Instructor, Claude Boiron, of the Royal LePage Terrequity Realty - Boiron Group. “Many Canadians put their hard-earned savings into condos and expected to make equity for their futures and retirement. This is a curve ball that just isn’t fair to Canadian condo owners.”

The Kitec Crusader

As a Toronto Realtor for 17 years, Boiron is giving back to the city by becoming the ‘Kitec Crusader.’ He is pledging to personally pay for the costly repairs, up to the projected high-end of $10,000, from his own commissions. The bail out offer will be open to any condo (or other property) owner who buys and sells a property through the Boiron Group.

“We’ve seen the confusion, anger, and concern of condo owners at town hall meetings,” added Boiron. “Many are wondering how they will be able to afford this unforeseen cost or how they will be able to sell their condos with a Kitec crisis stated on their status certificates. This is a way that we can take this considerable burden off the shoulders of our past and future clients.”

A Canada-Wide Call to Action

Boiron isn’t stopping his crusade with Toronto, The Realtor plans to come to the rescue with real estate partners across Canada so that the Kitec Bailout can help as many Canadian condo owners as possible.

Condo owners can find out more about Boiron’s Bailout and upcoming town hall meetings at