Turkey Day Trouble: Holiday Fatberg Flushing Costs American Taxpayers Thousands

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They survey was conducted in October 2017 through Google Surveys. It had a targeted number of responses of 1,000 and was distributed nationwide across the USA. 


Additional Survey Findings: 

Thanksgiving Dinner Demographics:

17.5% will be cooking for 1-4 guests
17.5% will be cooking for 4-8 guests
13.2% will be cooking for 8-12 guests

17.9% will be cooking for 12 or more guests

Fact-finding Research on Fat Flushing

Using a popular American brand of frozen and stuffed turkey, FluksAqua cooked two turkeys in the recommended standard size range for a Thanksgiving meal that served 10-12 adults.

Turkey one:

14.64 pounds

Recommended serving for 10 adults

Produced 8.45 fluid ounces of liquid fat


Turkey two:

18.2 pounds

Recommended serving for 12 adults

Produced 9.8 fluid ounces of liquid fat



Methodology (From Google Surveys)

Google Surveys makes use of the inferred demographic and location information to employ stratified sampling by distributing the surveys based on the targeted audience to our publisher network and/or android smartphone users. We infer demographics through respondents' browsing history (e.g., infer geography from IP address), then we match them against existing government statistical data. Google Surveys uses post-stratification weighting to compensate for sample deficiencies to remove bias among the survey sample. This gives a more accurate result with lower root mean square error (RMSE) which also makes the results better represent the Current Population Survey (CPS).

Google Surveys performs equal to or better than existing probability and non-probability based Internet survey panels. A full description of the Google Surveys methodology can be found in this whitepaper or the product overview.


Rachel Ott