Foiling Fatbergs and
Saving Tax Dollars

Pointman Rolls out Ambitious
Nation-Wide Containment Cup Campaign

When our water utility client FluksAqua partnered with The City of London to distribute a free, environmentally-friendly and convenient way to foil fatbergs, we we’re on board from the start. Some PR firms might shy away from talking about fat, oil and grease, but we weren't afraid to get our hands dirty to help Canadian taxpayers save big bucks.

We knew we’d have to take a bold approach to convincing national media that fat, oil and grease are newsworthy, so we came up with a catchy headline to grab attention and wrote a quirky, informative run down detailing the real cost of FOG in Canadian water systems. The numbers are huge - shocking - disgusting - and we weren't afraid to use them to get our client’s product out there.

Once we made it loud and clear that Canadians are clearly at fault in the fatberg crisis, the media was eager to share our client’s simple, environmentally friendly solution to the problem. The CBC spread the word across various channels, water and environmental media took a keen interest, and overall we generated $212,124 in ad value for our client and a reach of 2.3M people.

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